Territorial Questions

A drive home to the outskirts of Marikina City from Makati with my dad prompted a lot of interesting questions which on his request I will now answer here:

Q: 9 de Pebrero (February 9) is a major street along Mandaluyong City, containing among other things the National Center for Mental Health. What does February 9 commemorate?

(Photo courtesy of Florante Lamando http://www.flickr.com/photos/t3n60/5880979988/)

A: Republic Act 7675, converting the Municipality of Mandaluyong into the City of Mandaluyong. And here I thought it was some obscure date from the time of Rizal.


Q: Why is Caloocan City split into two parts?

A: Novaliches, which used to be a large northern town, was absorbed into the municipality of Caloocan in 1920. In 1939, Quezon City was created out of nothing to become the Philippine capital, a status which it retained until 1976. Balintawak, formerly part of Caloocan, was transferred to Quezon City. A subsequent bill in 1948 transferred the territory of the former southern Novaliches to Quezon City, splitting Caloocan into two. What used to be northern Novaliches is now northern Caloocan City. I wish I could find a map of the original territory of Caloocan at its largest.


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