A list that will be checked way more than twice

I’m going to make a list here of the things I promised a certain someone so that I don’t forget them. Of course, the downside is that if she finds this list she has something to hold over my head. But she doesn’t even need this list, because she never forgets.

1.) Camping trip somewhere.

2.) Biking trip somewhere.

3.) Beach somewhere. (I’m sensing a nature-loving pattern here, but I’m clueless about travel destinations in the Philippines)

4.) Japan, to see weird things such as the rice-field art of Inakadate, Aomori. The image below is not photoshopped:

5.) I want to take her to visit Batanes, the chain of islands that serves as the Philippines’ northernmost province, which I hear is a very nice place. In one class we were discussing poverty, and one interesting thing I noticed was that according to official statistics, Batanes has a poverty rate of 0%. My cousin informed me, however, that flying there is more expensive than flying to Singapore. She’s interested in IPs (indigenous peoples), farming and fishing, so I feel like Batanes will be a nice example, being isolated from the rest of the archipelago.

(Above image from http://outoftownblog.com/exploring-the-wonders-of-breathtaking-batanes/)


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